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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thailand’s screaming Contest!

Winner's of screaming contest!It’s crazy how people fight for World Records just to be able to gain more popularity in the world and to promote tourism for their country as well. Well, it’s actually a good thing to do as it really encourages more people to go to a country not just because of the places they can go to but because of its citizen’s as well.

Thailand has been a popular tourism spot here in South East Asia during the past few years and is still improving and gaining popularity as we speak. In fact a few years back, a screaming contest was held to record the loudest scream for the world record and 60 participants have gathered to try and claim the victory for him/herself.

The world record for the loudest scream so far is at 128Db which was recorded way back in 1988 in Australia. The winner of the contest in Pattaya, Thailand falls a lil’ bit short with a record of 116.8Db. Though the winner was clearly not a Thailand local, but a Russian businessman, he was still proud of joining the contest and representing his country. The contest sure looked fun.

Will you ever join such a contest? Let us know on the comments section below!

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