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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


We could all see a homeless people from the streets asking for food and money. It is really a heart breaking scene whenever we see one. We can't blame some people who shouts at them because some of those poor people are being a jerk cause they are out of control.But not all of them are jerks , Cause I saw in my own eyes that there are poor homeless people who actually has a kind heart. Even though they have nothing , they are willing to lend their helping hands to those people who needs it. That's why a Social experiment from a well known YouTube channel came up with the idea on How the people will react if a homeless guy lends you money to help.

 Watch this video of a social experiment from FouseyTube on how a homeless guy lends money to the people who passed through him but being humiliated from helping them.

This video was published on YouTube last April 19, 2015 and became viral by garnering 2,500,000+ views in just two days.In this footage, it is really a heart breaking scene to see how some people acted like they have all the money in the world. They throw money that the poor guy is giving to them acting like they don't need any. It is because of the pride and humility that they could get if they took the money. But there's still people who shows how humanity should work. A lady passed through him and gave her extra money to the guy and said that he should keep his own money and have a nice breakfast. Even a guy made an exchange with him that he could have all of his money from his pocket for the 10$ that he was giving because of the meaningful words that is written on the sign that he's holding, stating "No one has ever become poor from Giving".

But there are still people who are rude and has a very rough attitude. The last part of the experiment shows how a Mercedes Benz owner says that he is better than other people. The poor man only offers to pay his parking meter but the owner became hysterical and shows how high his pride is. This only shows that it is humility that makes men as Angels and it was pride that changed angels into devils.

Let me leave a question that all of you should ask for yourself that I realized and heard from the video.

How much money do you have in your heart? are you wealthy or broke?

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