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Monday, April 20, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge secretly waterproofed/water resistant?!?!

samsung water test!As a lot of us know, Samsung didn’t make their flagship phones waterproofed like their previous offerings. We still doesn’t know if they will be offering another variant of the S6 that is more durable with a larger battery and has waterproofing or if they wouldn’t offer an “active” version. Well speculations are still going around.

Who wouldn’t want a phone that is safe to bring out even during heavy downpours or just even when you’re taking a bath. Some even used the last model of Samsung, the S5 to take pictures and videos of themselves underwater. A guy from Tech Smartt named Keaton had an idea to test the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge by submerging it in a bowl of water and see what happens.

This guy even started the phone’s timer/stopwatch as to prove how long it has been under water until it breaks down. The display even turned off at around ten minutes making Keaton think that the phone died. But when he picked it up he was surprised as to see that the display just turned off due to the length of time that it hasn’t been moved/used. The timer was still going when he returned the phone in the bowl of water.

During the time that he puts the unit back into the water, air bubbles started to form indicating that something is really going on now. At almost 22 minutes and 30 seconds, the phones display started to malfunction but the unit itself is still working. Then he puts it back in for another minute until finally the phone died. He then dries the phone and charged it the same day when surprisingly, it turned back on like nothing happened.

Was this secretly planned by Samsung to surprise their loyal fans? 
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