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Monday, April 20, 2015

Real Life Magneto!

Mr.Magneto!As kids, we’ve fantasized about having superpowers just like what we’ve seen from those super heroes that we came to love and idolize. Some humans actually develop extra ordinary talent or skills that can be considered as extraordinary but not close to having real powers.

In Tbilisi, Georgia lives a man named Etibar Elchyev which is an ex-kickboxing coach and actually has a very magnetic like body. He aims to set a new world record for magnetic body attraction by holding 50 metal spoons around his neck and chest. After successfully pulling it off, he wasn’t satisfied of the result and proved that he really has magnetic ability by making a man sit on a car hood while it’s magnetically attached to his chest.

He actually was able to hold the metal hood of the car with the man sitting on it for almost 27 seconds. This only proves that you don’t need to become a mutant or an alien to have extra ordinary talents. You just have to discover it for yourself and make sure to polish it.

What do you think? Will Professor X be the next one to showcase his talent? Well, a real life wolverine would be great. What do you think? Tell us on the comments section below!

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