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Friday, April 17, 2015

“Loving son sends an iPhone6 to his parents through LBC but in yet they just receive an empty package”

What can you say if one of the most-trusted courier companies are said to be “stealing” items from their client? 

LBC or the LBC Express, Inc. (previously known as Luzon Brokerage Company) is a courier company based in the Philippines. It operates scheduled commercial vehicle cargo services in currently and planned cargo airline services begin on May 31, 2014. As of 2009, LBC has over 1,020 branches in the Philippines, and over 60 branches in the United States and Canada. It also has branches in Hong Kong, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Spain, South Korea and Taiwan.

According to some report, not so long ago, there is a couple sending an iPhone (along with some chocolates) to their daughter. When their daughter opened the package, only the chocolates remained and the iPhone6 was gone. Though LBC resolved that particular case already, yet another iPhone 6 has been stolen while still in the hands of LBC. It seems that these employees have a knack for stealing iPhones, huh? Apparently, the client sent an iPhone 6 together with accessories, but only the box reached his parents.

Original post from facebook by Ian Gaffud
source: facebookviral4real

See this Facebook user Ian Gaffud’s original post read:
“Was having a peaceful sleep then suddenly I heard a knock at my room door and our helper told me that the package I sent to my parents arrived but the package was empty. I sent an iPhone 6 with accessories through LBC padala on Friday. Package was delivered/picked up by my parents at the LBC warehouse. They were shocked when they opened the package. The packaging, the Tupperware and the box were in tact but the iPhone 6 and the accessories were gone. Already called LBC customer care and asked me to file a claim which will take about 30 days for them to investigate. #LBCexpressPlease do something about this.”
What can you say about this incident? Say your thoughts now!

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