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Thursday, April 16, 2015


Jerusalem or also known as the "Holy Land" is where Jesus Christ was crucified which is located in Israel.But some scientists wants to know more about Jesus that's why they are studying more about it meticulously. Now there are Archaeologists that are working and hoping for a Discovery that could make a History for the whole Christianity.

Watch this Video of the said Discovery of the new evidence that could lead to Jesus Christ's Tomb. You will never know what will happen next if you will not going to watch this footage.

The Archaeologists Claimed their discovery at the burial tomb in Jerusalem. James Tabor is a Biblical Historian is working with the team together with their leader, the controversial film maker Simcha Jacobovici. Using a camera mounted on a robotic arm, the team found a 2000-year-old tomb engraving, Depicts Jesus' Resurrection. They have found a Limestone burial box that contains human Bones. Now they are investigating their last memory.

But the team said that they have found more than this.Tabor believes that the engraving found in the ossuary depicts the Biblical story.

But the Biblical scholars don't see it that way.

Mark Goodacre
is an associate professor of religious studies in Duke University and he specialized the New Testaments. He said that what they have discovered is far way too impossible to what they have been saying about their discovery. The engravings that they saw in the tombs is not a Fish but a Vessel. It is a Vase that many could find in the early roman Period.

what are your thoughts about this kind of discovery? do you believe in science or at the bible? it's free to share your minds with us!

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  1. This debate will be endless...wla man ding magpapatalo eh...Respect to each other's belief n lng please!

  2. Jesus Christ after 3 days is risen, all of our sin has been paid by His blood. To those who believe Jesus is the beginning and the last.. If they find the tomb of Jesus it doesnt mean that the bone lying there is for Jesus,.maybe it is prophet john or other prophets all followers of Jesus.,. Walang dpat pagtalunan kc nasa bible na ang lahat, di mo klngan maging mgaling kc kung naniniwala tau kay Jesus according to the bible He will give us wisdom and knowledge para maunawaan ang lahat. Its a personal thing knowing God with all ur heart allowing Jesus as ur personal Savior., glory to God!

  3. Wait..... So pinapalabas nila na FAKE ang History at ang bibliya??? MARAMING SCIENTIST NA ILLUMINATTI. SINASABI NILA NA "ALIEN" LANG DAW ANG PANGINOON W/ NOT REALLY PROVEN . AND NOT TRUE...... marami na silang pinapalabas tungkol sa bibliya at christanity. I HAD ENOUGH


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