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Thursday, April 9, 2015


People always thought that being an Over Seas Filipino Worker (OFW) is a very fine job. they've always thought that if you're an OFW, you could have a very wealthy life because the currency from the other country is much higher than peso. But they've never realized how hard it could be while you are far from your family.

Watch this video of Abby Luna , a Pinay OFW in Bahrain that is confessing that she is r*ped by the son of her employer and threatening her that if she tell anybody of what happened to them, he will kill her and bury her into the dessert.She told her employer about this and thought that he will do something immediately. But her employer said that if she wanted to go home, she should wait for 2 months using her own hard earned money because she haven't finished her contract yet. Her employer even said that she will have a check up in a hospital and if there is a baby on her womb, he will have to tell the doctor to remove it.

Watch her video below for her full statement:

Posted by Abby Luna on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Abby don't have any money to get out of that hell she's living in. She needs help from the authorities but don't know how cause she was so traumatized and frightened of what happened to her.

Please Let's all help her , a simple hit of that "SHARE BUTTON" could save someone's life.

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  1. Stop having children and subjecting them to slave labor. This women was most likely FORCED by her family (parents) to endure this. I bet she didn't even have a dime for herself and had to send it all back to the freeloaders in the Philippines.

    Just sad...a culture of freeloading

  2. She probably had no money to get out of "that hell" because she sent it all away, since she was subjected to this slavory by her family (relatives) for money.


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