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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Part of a good parenting is looking after your children. You must be aware of the things that could happened around the child cause you will never know when a tragedy will happen.

Watch this Viral footage of a baby climbing in a Mall fountain pool and almost drowned after falling on the edge of the fountain.

The CCTV shows how the baby attempted to climb up to the wall of the fountain several times. After he successfully reached the top of the fountain's wall, He walks carefully on the pools edge.He even carefully crawled to avoid falling. But after a few seconds, He attempted to turn on his back and sit meticulously but suddenly he fell on the Fountain.

He struggled to fight for his life for one and a half minute until some kid saw him and called for help.
He was waving his hands while floating which is a sign that he really wants to get out of the danger he fell in. Luckily an adult came and pulled him up. He was rushed onto somewhere to give him some medical attention.

Prevention is Better than Cure ,We must avoid this kind of Tragedies. Please take care of your children cause everything could happen in just a blink of an eye.

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