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Thursday, April 9, 2015


Every parent has a way to discipline their children. It is never easy to give Disciplinary Actions and Consequences for us parents cause we all know that it hurts us more than it hurts them. But what if your Disciplinary Actions became more violent?

Watch this Video of a child being Beaten and Strangled by his own father continuously even if he is screaming on the top of his lungs to make his father stop the violence.

This video was taken at Quezon City and reported by Apples Jalandoni of BANDILA last april 8 2015, as you can see, this 10 year old child was begging for mercy while his father repeatedly beating him up. Even if there are people who tried to stop him, he unceasingly punches his sons face for several times. Then the authority arrived to make this violence stop. The Local Authorities called the father of the child to have an investigation.The father said that he was only giving his son a discipline because of stealing his money. He knew that his actions are inappropriate and he regrets all of it. The authorities was doing their best to know what is the condition of the child after the incident.

This is just one of too many cases of child abuse. Parents often said that they were just giving their child a right discipline. But the Parenting Experts said that they don't need to hurt their child. They only need to talk to them and tell them that what they have done was wrong. They can even give the child a consequence for their actions without hurting them.

Do you have any experience of child abuse when you were a kid? Share yours below so that Parents for the next generation will know what will happen if they will do this kind of discipline to their children.

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  1. :( so sad that we see people did those things to there own child..


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