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Friday, April 10, 2015

Ariana Grande vs Charice Pempengco: Who Sang "I Have Nothing" Better?

Remember how Charice gave justice to Whitney Houston songs? Now lest see how Ariana Grande sing the one of the famous Whitney Houston's song "I have nothing". Which do you think is better? Comment down your answer.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Few minutes before I saw this comparison, had watched Ariana Grande sang "I have Nothing", it just came out from my mouth, Charice sang better. :)

  3. Performance wise charice still far ahead, voice quality charice had it best , while Ariana just sitting and singing as normal singer but with awesome voice. All in all Charice still the best and far ahead to Ariana.

  4. Ariana sang it very nice and amazing but I guess Charice sang it better than Ariana. Charice sang it with a powerful voice. Ariana is my favorite international singer but even though she's my favorite I choose Charice. I can't explain how powerful Charice sang that song. Very inspiring.. from the start till the end! Woaahhh! ����������

  5. Charice voice better than Ariana :-) Sorry just telling the truth,

  6. Ariana Grande is better than charice..........xxx

  7. i think charice sang it better than ariana.. ariana has a sweet voice while charice has a deep and powerful voice =D

  8. Still charice :)

  9. charice sings from the heart.. so for me she's the best


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