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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Accident: Child Rides A Scooter After Being Left By Her Father Unattended

As a parent , We should always be alert on the surroundings of our children. We must guard them as much as we can because anything could happened in our atmosphere specially when we are on the streets. Watch this video of an unattended little girl that rides a motorbike. See what happened next!

This child is unaware of what could happen if she rides this motorcycle in front of her. We all know that children imitates what they see particularly from their parents.But this video from a CCTV Camera could teach every parents how dangerous it is if they don't look out their children.This little girl run through the scooter and rides it.Her father didn't turned off the engine of his motorbike because he knows they won't be staying there for too long.But seconds after, she pulled the gas handle accelerator and suddenly crashed in a huge frying pan near to it.Her father rushed onto her to pick her up and check if she is alright.

Fortunately, there are no injuries but this surely could give this little girl a trauma because of this incident. This could be a lesson to the parents of the child.They should be aware of everything that they do specially when their children is with them.

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  1. Stupid little kid, what a retard that's good for her she is so stupid! OMFG! USE YOU'RE FREAKIN BRAIN KID!

  2. The father shouldn't have left his scooter like that and he should've discipline his daughter properly or tell her to just stay beside him. Like duh! If he disciplined his child and let her know what's her limits then he could avoid that 'incident'. And we can't call it an accident because it was done intentionally. And that little kiddo should just wait for his father.

  3. kids are curious. don't blame her and his father. Just learn their lessons. ;)

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