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Monday, March 30, 2015

WATCH: What will happen if you Poke a Cellphone Battery with a Knife?

People nowadays have Mobile phones to use on our everyday life. We always have it on our pockets  for our daily tasks, to communicate to our friends and family or even have it to entertain ourselves. But what are the Hazardous effects if we misuse it?

Watch this video of a guy experimenting on a cellphone battery to know what could possibly happen if you poke a Cellphone battery with a knife.

This video was posted by Bota Pagodão, a fan page on Facebook last January 2013. while watching this video, at first i was a little bit curious of what will happen then after a few seconds the battery started to burst into fire. after searching for reasons, i found out that Lithium which one of the most dangerous content of a battery is a a highly combustible material much like gasoline, propane and sulfuric acid. While most lithium batteries are safe,some have overheated and caught fire. But still I haven't found out how it happens by poking it with a knife.

Even though, this could be a warning to us phone users that we should be aware of the most reliable gadget that we have could hurt us.

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