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Monday, March 30, 2015


Millions of people around the world undeniably love KFC. Their Chicken Meals are indeed delicious and cheap that’s why many are hooked in them. But what can you say about the newest way of ordering KFC? Is their rapping good?

Shared in Illegal Musik page on Facebook, the said video has gathered 6,800,000+ views already and is still counting more!

This has also became controversial because some netizens are saying that the crews in the fastfood chains have no time for that. They must just order directly in a normal way to lessen the burden being carried by the cashiers because of the long line of hungry people. But according to some, it is just a simple funny video.

One of the top comment said that if she is the said cashier there, she would've thrown a nugget at his head. Another said that the guy is just copying the same beat as Eminem raps in his film.

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