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Sunday, March 22, 2015

WATCH : How Does A Homeless Man Spend his Money?

We all know that being Homeless is a hard part for us people to deal with. Seeing someone Struggling on how he survive for his everyday life surely could touch your heart and all you can do is lend some money or food that you have to help.

Watch this Viral video of a social experiment made by Josh Paler Lin from Youtube for a homeless guy. The purpose of his experiment is to know how homeless people spend their money that has given to them by some random person.This Video shows that after the homeless guy got the money on his hand from josh he goes straight right through a Liquor Store to buy something. He first thought that the guy only buys Liquor for himself to enjoy the money. Josh was very disappointed at first but still continues filming the scenario. They end up in a park while following the guy and saw what he was doing. He was giving away the food that he bought from the store to share with the less fortunate people like him. Then Josh approach and talk to him again to know why he was doing it. A Heart touching words from the homeless guy was spoken saying 
there's thing money can’t buy and in my honor I get happiness out of what I’m doing”. 
 Josh lend him more money because of his kind and unexpected actions .

I do now believe that you can easily find a kind heart on the less fortunate people because they know how it feels to be left out with nothing.

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