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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Boxing as a sport is a very serious one. It engages the collaboration of mind, heart and the body. But this video of the “Funniest Blindfold Boxing Ever” will change your perspective of boxing. Watch and be among those people who have burst into laughter after seeing this.

It is currently becoming viral and trending to different social networking sites because of this very funny way of how these boxers are punching into the air together with the large cheer of the crowd! 

This is a good way to showcase the Filipino Culture on how they are very cheerful and very positive in nature.

Different ideas of boxing have also introduced before in the country like Beki Boxing (Gay Fighters in the Ring) and others and this new concept will definitely be a new trend in the country and the world!

Whatever the purpose why this is created, Filipinos are just enjoying good sportsmanship and building camaraderie with each other. This is done every fiesta (feast/festival) in a particular town where they can celebrate a certain occasion.

What do you think about this new concept of boxing? Share something by commenting below!

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