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Friday, March 20, 2015

WATCH: Daredevil's Skyscraper | Russian took Selfie! Must Watch!

The Russian Daredevil's Skyscraper Selfie
"A RUSSIAN daredevil has captured a vertigo-inducing selfie - while standing on top of a Dubai skyscraper. Nineteen-year-old Alexander Remnev scaled the Princess Tower - the world's tallest residential building at 1,350ft - before getting his camera out to take these stomach-churning pictures. Alexander, who was on holiday in Dubai with friends, says they climbed a number of the city's towering skyline during the course of their stay." ~ Caters TV

Watch the Video Below! Enjoy, Don't forget to share.
Video Source: Caters TV
Video Source: RT
Nerves of Steel: Daredevil climber conquers Stalin Skyscrapers

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  1. hahahah pagnahulog kayu dyan kukunin ko kayu hahahah

    -devils and angels


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