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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

VIRAL: “What Have We Become: You’ll Definitely Cry After Seeing This”

We are so busy thinking of ourselves and forget that our dear love ones are always thinking of us too. Our mothers are the best gifts of God unto us. They are the ones who are always there for us regardless of our wrong doings and shortcomings.

They are doing everything they can do in order to give us a wondrous future. Watch this video entitled: “What have we become” that will eventually give you more understanding about how deep and unconditional is a mother’s love.

This video uploaded by bblloooww Youtube Channel and is already viewed 1.6M+ times! Many Youtubers have commented their thoughts regarding the said video and how they are moved by this video. Most of them are missing their moms too much and this video has given them another chance to see and fully understand their mother’s undying love for them.

We must always find time for our dear love ones. Maybe we are busy in whatever business we are doing in our lives but they will not be forever with our side. There will come a time that they will become tired and old. Enjoy and treasure every moment with them for live is too short to live in and even small efforts may bring them much happiness.

Do you love your mother too? Share your stories with us.

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