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Sunday, March 29, 2015

VIRAL: “SQUIRREL VS BULL SNAKE!” (See what happened next)

The life for every living thing is a great survival. It’s a matter of life and death. It’s just between on how you can fight against your enemy. If you succeed, then, you’ll live. But on the other hand, if you failed, it’s the end of everything for you.

See this viral video of “Squirrel vs Bull Snake!” Normally, we would that the squirrel is no match for the snake but it turned out the other way. It is very unusual for squirrel to behave that way, ‘cause they are said to be a very quite kind of animal that just feed on nuts and other fruits.

Maybe the theory behind it is that the forest where they are living is already having scarce source of food and the squirrel has no more choice but to fight for survival. His ability might not be much to defeat the said snake but his determination is just enough.

This video footage will just be a reminder that in this world, life is a constant struggle for survival. If you will not take risks, then you’ll eventually die. Life is for those who fully understand how a life must be lived.

What are your thoughts about this video?

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