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Sunday, March 29, 2015


I knew that every kid in this world loves cotton candies. No one could resist its sweet and fascinating taste. What more if the process it’s done is like this one in the video? Then I therefore conclude that it will be the most-incredible cotton candy making on earth!

Cotton candy (U.S., India, Canada), candy floss, or candyfloss (UK, Pakistan, Ireland, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Canada), or fairy floss (Australia) is a form of spun sugar. According to the New York Times, the confection "is almost 100 percent sugar, with dashes of flavoring and food coloring."

Made by heating sugar and spinning the liquified sugar out through tiny holes where it re-solidifies in minutely thin strands of "sugar glass," the final cotton candy contains mostly air; with a typical serving weighing approximately 1 ounce or 30 grams.

The said sweet is often served at fairs, circuses and carnivals, cotton candy is sold on paper batons or in plastic bags. Food coloring can be used to change the natural white color, and numerous flavorings are available to change the taste.

This one is very unique in the sense that the process was accompanied by music and dancing which has made the cotton candy more interesting to be eaten and most-especially, its shape and taste were what matters most.

Do you like to eat something like this? Is it amazing? Share your answers with us!

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