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Friday, March 20, 2015


What could happen if life itself imitates art? Could it be possible? See this viral video and witness how amazingly this could happen.

This is a current viral video on social media, garnering 1.3 Million views! Many art lovers and even those people who are just being exposed into art were really amazed on this one-of-a-kind idea that proved how dynamic art can be!

Art could be in many forms. It can be evaluated, criticized and valued depending upon how it can affect the lives of many. Art is present on our daily lives. It is everywhere, especially on the hearts of those who truly appreciates it. Many could not define the real meaning and its real essence but some just enjoy it.

In this viral video, modernized art is being catered. Many are definitely amazed because this idea is very unusual for many people. It became presentational rather that representational. Most of the visual arts are representational kind of art, meaning it is representing something. While in this kind of idea seen in this life imitating life, the presentation of how life could be presented through art, not just by its aesthetical aspects but also on how it carries the whole thing. This is totally fantastic!

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