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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Viral: “Blue-Eyed Pinoy Kid”

Filipinos commonly has a black or brown eyes,but what if someone you know has a different color of eyes?

Watch this Viral video of a Kid that is pure Filipino but has a beautiful blue eyes.know why this things happened and what is really the right explanation for this by reading this article and watching the video from Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho of GMA 7.

In a Peaceful City of Sta.Catalina Ilocos Sur , a 6 year old boy became the main attraction because of his blue eyes. People thought that their family has a Race of German but his parents confirmed that they're pure blooded Filipinos. His Mother said that while having him in her tummy for 9 months she has a conception on a blue eyed doll which they believed that the boy got his eyes from. After the interview they've asked an eye specialist to know what is the case of the child.The finding said that the boy has an "IRIS HETEROCHROMIA", a condition where the melanin that's giving our eyes its color might producing more or less which is not common for Filipinos knowing that our genes do not have any Race of other foreign people.

Though the boy has this kind of condition, his parents said that they are blessed and very thankful having him as their Son.

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