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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Very talented Kid Gone Viral on Facebook

Recently, videos of talented people arise on the internet. People doing crazy stuff, dancing, singing and other unique skills and talent. Now a new star rises, a boy showcasing his dancing skill to Jessie J’s Burnin’ Up song. The song gives you the dance vibe. This cute little guy is so full of energy.

He’s even trying to sing the lyrics during the slower parts of the song as if he was the one singing with matching emotions. This shows no matter how young you are, no matter the gender. When a jive like this comes up, you will definitely feel the dance hormones in your body wake up!

I don’t know who thought this kid his dance choreography but all I can say is he’s having fun and enjoying every moment of it. Watch his video below and post your thoughts on the comments section below!

Grabe po yung bata na 'to, ang kulit. Nakakagood vibes! Share niyo po! :)
Posted by Adobo News on Tuesday, 24 March 2015


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