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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Living Bigfoot of China

The man known as Bigfoot or a hybrid man you see in the footage is believed to be a result of his mother raped by a Yiren (a Chinese word for a Wildman also called Man-Monkey or Man Bear). His mother went missing for several months in a forest. When she came back to the village, she was speechless and hardly spoke and claims that she was raped by the yeren in the forest when she was lost.

China's mountainous forested regions in Hubei province believed to be a residing of undiscovered hominoid. Yeren sometimes described as large and hairy bipedal hominoid, some says that there are not human but an animal or its close relatives. In United States and Canada they usually called as Bigfoot while Yeti in Tibet and Nepal also Yowie in Australia.

Scientists have asked her if they can study her son but like the any other mother she always telling them that go away and leave them alone.

Now watch the footage below and take a look of the pictures we gathered around internet to make you visualize what is the yeren.

Collections of Yeren's Pictures






Feel free to comment below and tell us what you can say about the Bigfoot. 

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