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Monday, March 30, 2015


Sending our children in school doesn’t ensure their safety. Many of children nowadays are victims of worst crimes. One of these is the undying issue of bullying. See this video showing how a bully is being knockout by a certain victim. I do believe that he deserves more. What do you think?

This viral video is currently making its rounds on the internet. Many of the people who have watched the video were saying that the bully just deserved what has happened to him.

If this video has shown how a certain bullying incident is happening, I can’t remove the fact that many incidents like this are also happening in many countries around the world but is just doesn’t being recorded.

Kudos to this kid! He has just done what is right. But parents should always monitor what their children are doing inside the school premises. Make a daily talk with them like a friendly conversation and ask them certain things that will eventually lead to your topic goal. If you do think that your child is a victim, then you may now do your part.

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  1. May kinukuha lang naman yung malaking bata eh


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