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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Millionaire That Collects Trash Everyday, Why he Collects Garbage? Read.

A great person is not only a person who does great in a great way, a great person is a person who does simple things with great love!
Thanks Mr. Yo

This is the most inspirational video, I have ever seen. Much love.–Zakiya Ramli
This is the Viral Video Gaining a lot of positive like on the internet, It already has 1million+ views on Youtube: omr94

If I am also a millionaire like him i would also do that coz i don't have to worry of my bills get paid, but in reality he dont need money i guess he want some exercise like what he is doing now at the same time it helps the environment and cleanliness is good for health. –Welsey Nisperos

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