Thursday, August 25, 2016

BREAKING NEWS! The 18-year-old innocent man in Jolo, Sulu beheaded by Abu Sayyaf! Really Shocking

The Abu Sayyaf beheaded another 18-year-old man abducted in Jolo, Sulu last month. They did this abominable incident because the ransom demanded by the group wasn't accommodated. According to the military, 3 members of the Abu Sayaff left the head of Patrick James Almodovar in Sulu, earlier. The head was found by the authorities, wrapped in a plastic bag. They are still continuing to search and find the victim's body.

In conjunction with the execution, the military security in Sulu is much more restrictive and the government sent additional forces in the area. Now there are twenty more captives held by the Abu Sayyaf including nine Indonesian.
Credits to: TodayInManila, Youtube
Here's the controversial video warning by the Abu Sayyaf a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SHOCKING! A sinkhole in China opens up and swallow two people! MUST WATCH

China's state media released surveillance video of a sinkhole opening up and swallowing two people on Tuesday (August 23) in northwestern Lanzhou city. Watch this video below.

Credits to: TodayInManila, LiveLeak

Monday, August 22, 2016

VIRAL! Watch Sue Ramirez as she does the Emoji Challenge! Really adorable!

Here's a video of Sue Ramirez trying the Emoji Challenge!

 Emoji challenge is a trend that challenges a person to imitate or to look like a specific emoji. From shocked emoji to crying emoji watch Sue as she does this challenge.

Credits to: TodayInManila, Facebook

WATCH! What subways in Japan really looks like will surely shock you! MUST WATCH

Watch this video of what's really happening in some trains in Japan. On the video, the passengers were pushed through the door just to get them inside. Watch it below.
Credits to: TodayInManila, Liveleak

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