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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What you SHOULD know about the Marawi Siege | Interview with Andre Vltchek

Credits to MindaNOW Films

"I was under the same impression as you before covering Marawi from Ground Zero. The way mainstream media frames news about the Marawi siege clearly intends to portray Philippines as a failed state under President Duterte. But if you come see Marawi for yourself, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and President Duterte are doing an excellent job.
Collateral damage of infrastructure has been successfully contained within about 20 to 30% of the entire city.

More than 70% of our beautiful Marawi City is intact." - Drei Toledo
This was the findings of Drei Toledo together with Russian journalist Mr. Andre Vltchek who visited and surveyed Marawi. Thanks to you guys for bringing out the true situation in Marawi.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Duterte is ready to pull out the troops

Predsident Rodrigo Duterte is ready to pull out troops from Marawi city if the Supreme Court orders him to do it as he speaks in Media in Butuan CIty last June 17,2017.Duterte said he will immediately pull out all the troops in Marawi if the sumpreme Court declares the 
martial law declaration has no basis.

But the president,warned that if the violence in Mindanao and he declares martial law
for the second time,he would do it by his way and no one can stop him.He added it would be the same Martial Law that Ferdinand Marcos was has been accused for the human rights violations.

The president likewise made it clear that if and when there is rebellion again and the public safety is at risk,He would gladly declare Martial Law.He addedthe martial law will not end if there still gunfires.

Confirmed Leni Robredo flies to U.S

Sassot posted a photo confirming Robredo's speech in an event held in Glendale,California.Many of the netizens are upset about Leni Robredo is doing while there is such crisis in Marawi city.

Some of the netizens bashed the vice president,for not doing her job,some is still asking for her travel expenses for the past year this contradicts the executive order on Freedom of Information that aims to make government transactions public,the Office of the Vice President has repeatedly denied access in her documents.

Overall,netizens are not happy with this they compare Robredo to our beloved ROdrigo Duterte who actively fixing what is need to be fix. Doing all he can to protect his people in Marawi while the Vice President traveling for nonsense engagements thats not related in any smidge beneficial for the country.

MEGA MANILA Project: Answer to EDSA traffic

We all know that traffic in this country is just like a coffee we wont have a day if dont have this,its never ending problem especially to our commuters around National Capital Region.

Late in 2016,the Government announced that we will have the Mega Manila Subway
infrastructure project that would have 13 stations underground system.The Government is finalizing the 227Billion agreement between Philippines and Japan that will expectedly signed by President Rodrigo Duterte and Japanese Prime Minister SHinzo Abe in this year.

The construction will connect Quezon city to Taguig City and expected to be finished in 2024.Once operational it will accomodate 370,000 passengers daily.The proposed stations are  Mindanao Avenue, North Avenue, Quezon Avenue, East Avenue, Anonas and Katipunan in Quezon City,Ortigas North and Ortigas South and NAIA in Pasig City .

Epectedly it will reduce travel time by 31minutes from quezon city to taguig city.
This will not only ease traffic congestion in Metro Manila also,it will improve economic growth.This was made possible because of the good will of our President Rodrigo Duterte.

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