Sunday, October 16, 2016

After Reading This You'll Never Gonna Eat TILAPIA Ever Again!

Tilapia is everyone's favorite. It's inexpensive, doesn't have that fishy taste, it’s boneless, skinless, and you can easily cook it.

But could there be a dark side to tilapia?  Apparently, Yes! Tilapia has been found to be even more disastrous for your health than some of the more notorious meats like beef and pork.

Wild tilapia eat a delicious diet of algae and various plants, but most of the tilapia in the store doesn’t come from the wild – they come from factory farms, where tilapia are fed an unnatural, unhealthy diet of GMO corn and soy pellets.

Why can't you eat farmed-raised Tilapia?

Farm-raised tilapia has been shown to cause aggravation in the body like asthma, joint inflammation, coronary disease, and a host of other problems.

Additionally, farmed fish contain ten times the normal amount of carcinogenic, or cancer causing agents as fish found in the wild. It’s no different for tilapia.

These kinds of fish also have higher amounts of pesticides in them, as pesticides are used to treat the fish for infections while being farmed and often remains contained in their bodies after harvesting.

Another concern is the high level of Dioxin in farmed fish. Dioxin is a lethal substance that, once in your system, can take up to a decade to leave your body. Dioxin levels are 11 times higher in farmed fish than in wild fish.

Did you know that chicken poop is one of the primary ingredients in ranch fish feed? Do you really want to eat chicken poop on your fish? Because if you buy it from the store, you basically are.

So next time you’re at the store, it might be best for you to leave the tilapia on the shelf.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

JUST IN: Veteran Actor Dick Israel Passed Away.

Just in. The Veteran actor Dick Israel just passed away according to actress Vivian Velez this October 11, 2016 around 10PM.

Few months ago, the veteran actor went viral because of a fire that hits Irael's family house.

In an interview with DZMM, Vivian Velez said that Israel's son told her that the actor started vomiting blood before he died.

Israel's wife also brought him to the hospital two weeks ago and been comatose.

Velez is part of Damay Kamay, an organization founded by artists to provide assistance to their needy colleagues in the entertainment industry. She also helped Israel and his family relocate to their new residence.

Our deepest condolences to the bereaved family of Dick Israel.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

BREAKING NEWS! Two Persons KI LL ED After A Man Hostage 12 people inside SM Dasmarinas!

Two persons were killed and one more was injured after a man took hostage 12 people inside SM Dasmariñas in Cavite on Sunday.
Former Cavite governor Jonvic Remulla identified the hostage-taker in a radio dzBB interview as Carlos Marcos Lacdao, 32, from Leyte province.
Remulla said Lacdao was able to sneak into the mall a 12-inch knife and took hostage 12 people inside a comfort room at the southern part of the mall's ground floor around 11 a.m.
"Hinahanap ang asawa at supposed lover ng kanyang asawa. Naka-shades, naka-backpack, very agitated siya. Nagmumura, sumisigaw, hinahanap ang supposed lover ng asawa," the former governor said.
He said that the Lacdao's wife is working as a bathroom attendant at the mall. He, however, said that the wife was not among the people taken hostage by the suspect.
During the hostage-taking incident, Remulla said nine of the hostages were able to escape unhurt. Lacdao stabbed two of his hostages, one of them died due to a stab wound near the armpit.
He said the hostage-taking incident ended at around 2:55 p.m. after the police decided to shoot Lacdao who succumbed to a gunshot wound in the head and neck.
Policemen fired at Lacdao as he was still holding at knifepoint a woman hostage identified as Mylene Balajadia.
The woman was unhurt, but badly shaken due to the incident, Remulla said.
As of 3:30 p.m. mallgoers were still prevented from entering the SM Dasmariñas.
Cora Guidote, SM senior vice-president for investor relations, said in a statement that the incident "started as a domestic problem that was brought to the mall."
"The local PNP and our security are working together to manage the situation. All tenant personnel and customers are all safe and away from the area," Guidote said.
She told GMA News Online that Lacdao was not an employee of the mall. Earlier reports said the hostage=taker was one of the mall's utility worker.
Here's a clip of one of the customers inside the mall.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

WATCH! This Man Died After A Solid Punch On His Jaw!

Watch this really tragic accident around San Miguel, Manila after a man died because of a solid hit on his jaw. On the video, two street boxing contestats were seen exerting their full efforts onto thier fight.

Both we're waring boxing gloves just like in a real boxing match. But the game would be fun but a unexpected scene happened and it ended in tragedy.

One of the contestants tumbled and fall down after a solid punch from his opponent. The people immediately go towards him and check if he's okay.But a few moments later the audience started to panic for what had happened to this guy.

After he was knock down, his head hit the ground and collapse that caused him to die. Watch the video below.

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